In order to appreciate the flame's vibrating nature through gold leaf, dim the light.


GOBELETS and CUBES are used with tea-lights which approximately last five hours. BARBERA has just launched scented candles. Come and choose your fragrance in stores ! (Wait till complete cool down to take them off the votive.)


GOBELETS XL and XXL are used with big candles. A protector saucer is supplied with the votive, and is to be placed in it before placing the candle. Wait till complete cool down to remove the candle.



If wax has poured on the gold leaf, wait till complete cool down to remove it without using a blade. A few hours in the freezer will help.


BARBERA 180 grammes scented candles glasses are lacquered with a golden paint and cooked in an oven. The wax is manufactured in Grasse. Once the candle is over, get rid of the wax rests and use the glass as you wish: candle holder, drinking glass, vase...


Keep candles away from children, animals, and flammable objects.

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